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By 22nd July 2018 One Comment
Winning digital marketing Purple Web Marketing

This one is predominantly for the developers out there – but I really think it’s good for clients and website owners to have an understanding of some of the things they can look out for to help push their developers to go the extra mile too.

We recently halved a website’s loading time by removing four lines of code.

Yep, by removing a few lines of code the site became a whole lot faster.

The reason sounds so simple, but a whole agency who worked on this particular site missed it.

A new client came to us to ask if we could speed up his site. He’d had it built by a well known firm, but it seemed slower than he expected. So we had a look and very quickly saw something quite glaring – the homepage was loading nearly 2MB of font files, all of them ‘Times’.

That’s right, the default font that has come with pretty much every operating system since the early 90s (or at least an acceptable variant of it).

There was 400KB for the normal font file, another 400 for the bold version, then italics and of course yet another for text that was both bold and italicized.

None of that needed to be loaded – all I had to do was remove the code that imported the font files – because every computer that would ever access this website already had it built in.

I know how this sort of thing happens. If a company has certain processes they never deviate from, like forcing users to download font files, then they’re going to miss the opportunities that arise from carefully looking at every element of a project to work out how that unique job can be the best it can be.

But when it comes to speed, and definitely SEO, every little extra edge can be the thing that puts you ahead of your competitor.

Digital Marketing is often ‘won’ not by kilometers, but millimeters.

Or in this case kilobytes.


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