WordPress Support & Maintenance

Gold Support

$ 200

Per Month
  • Hosting
  • Backups
  • Updates

Additional support hours charged at $120 per hour.

Diamond SupportRecommended

$ 350

Per Month
  • Hosting
  • Backups
  • Updates
  • 2x Hours Support

Additional support hours charged at $100 per hour.

Keep your WordPress website up to date, backed up, and current.

Purple can host your site, manage all your backups and software updates (including plugins) as well as actioning any bespoke changes you need with one of my site maintenance plans.

What’s the minimum term?

We don’t do contracts or minimum terms. Our support services speaks for themselves – leave it all to us, knowing we’re here if you need something – not because you’re obligated.

Questions? Get in touch.


Wordpress is a wonderful piece of software, but also very complex. There’s all sorts of things to keep updated, and they don’t always just work.

A plugin might not work with a new version of WordPress right away, or as so often happens a large update gets deployed for Woocommerce and your shop doesn’t look like it used to anymore.

Purple can manage all of that for you, keeping everything at the latest version that will work, and shepharding your site through any major changes that come with the newest versions of the software.

Keeping up to date is so important for security, but is also a hassle we can take off your hands.

Questions? Get in touch.


There is nothing worse than having a problem with your site. Even worse if it’s one that could have easily been fixed by a backup, but you don’t have one.

We will regularly backup your WordPress site’s files and database, making restoring as simple as asking us to do it.

Don’t ever lose your content, work or sales database again.


There are any number of things you might need changed on your site each month. From simple text changes, to new pages or even investigating a new plugin to add a completely new functionality to your website.

We are fast and efficient, making changes or giving advice quickly.

Digital marketing kicks ass

Purple Web Marketing’s experience and skills will increase your visitors and improve your conversion rate.
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