Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

One-Off SEO OverhaulStart here

$ 600

One off fee
  • Initial SEO Overhaul

Either buy this as a standalone SEO overhaul or as your first step to further SEO work with us.

Ongoing CampaignThen move on to

$ 500

Per Month
  • Ongoing SEO Management
  • Ongoing SEO Boosting
  • SEM Strategy
  • Monthly Reports

Total SEO StrategyOr to really succeed

$ 800

Per Month
  • Ongoing SEO Management
  • Ongoing SEO Boosting
  • SEM Strategy
  • Monthly Reports
  • Weekly SEO Targeted Blog

With our 20 years of experience in SEO, we can undoubtedly help you.

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial if you’re to get ahead with your business–even the best Google Adwords campaign cannot rival being in a high position for organic search results.

We’ve have helped over 2000 people with their WordPress SEO, and have never received less than a perfect 5-star review.

What’s the minimum term?

We don’t do contracts or minimum terms. Our SEO speaks for itself – keep working with us because we drive more traffic to your site – not because you’re obligated.

Questions? Get in touch.

Slick and successful, I now have 4 of the top 5 slots in Google. (I was on page 3 before!) Highly recommended and Purple is now my favourite digital marketing firm.

Nigel B

Purple are my go-to team for search engine optimisation, and once again I am delighted with the results. As usual, they communicate well, takes the confusion out of the technical stuff, deliver on time and makes a complicated process completely painless.

Will P

Initial SEO Overhaul

We will install and configure several systems to improve your WordPress website’s SEO:

  • Optimising Meta tags, including title, keywords and descriptions
  • We perform keyword (search query) analysis
  • Install and configure the Platinum SEO Pack, Yoast, All-in-one, or other preference you have for a WordPress SEO plugin (We will of course make a recommendation if you don’t have a preferred plugin)
  • We will also configure the social meta tags, for improved social media interaction.
  • We manually optimise these tags for all relevant pages based on the content of each page/post
  • Install accelerated mobile pages (AMP) plugin so you’re in line with Google’s latest recommendations
  • Improve your captioning and image tags
  • Ensure your H1, H2 and H3 tags are being used effectively
  • Setup and configure a sitemap.xml file, and submit it to Google
  • If appropriate, configure Google to maximise your search results for a particular country or geographic region.
  • Ensure any robots.txt file is configured correctly (following an update by Google in 2016 most WordPress sites do not have optimal settings)
  • Make sure your URLs are search engine friendly (and human readable)
  • If you have social network profiles we can make sure those are linked too

After the work is complete we will send you details of the work performed, and will also share with you our short e-book–“Ongoing SEO Success” which explains SEO concepts and gives concrete examples to help you continue to climb the rankings.

This is entirely “White-Hat” work. We do not do anything to try to trick Google, rather we give Google and the other major engines exactly what their guidelines ask for.

Naturally we also provide feedback, tangible evidence of the work we’ve performed, and suggestions specific to your site to make sure you keep climbing the rankings.

The ongoing monthly SEO options build on this success by collecting data, measuring success, making strategic changes accordingly, and of course staying top of Google algorithm updates and other changes to best practice.

Ongoing SEO Campaign

By tracking and measuring how your site is performing, tweaking accordingly, and making other strategic changes and recommendations we can really push the envelope on your SEO.

This service includes:

  • Monitoring your position for a list of target search terms we choose.
  • Based on your performance and any changes from the previous month, I update your SEO settings accordingly. This anaylsis and strategic updating system is really the best approach to ongoing work.
  • Update any SEO plugins and software we’re using.
  • Implement any new settings that those updates have introduced (you’d be amazed how often new developments are released in the SEO field).
  • If any other software has become available that would be beneficial we add and configure that.
  • If there have been any updates to Google’s algorithm’s naturally I do a lot of work to bring your site in line with that. Keeping on top of their system is crucial.
  • Every month I provide a report showing your current rankings, and detailing all work I completed that month.
  • The report often contains consultancy recommendations for you as well, for example sentences I’d like you to work into your next blog post, etc. So there is a consultancy aspect as well as the practical ones.
Questions? Get in touch.

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Purple Web Marketing’s experience and skills will increase your visitors and improve your conversion rate.
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