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Popping our Kiwi cherry

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Popping our Kiwi cherry Purple Web Marketing

So here we are, keen as mustard and ready to launch ourselves at the New Zealand market.

But where on earth do we come from and how can we be claiming so many 5 star reviews?

Feels like a good time for our origin story.

Purple Web Marketing begins with my husband, Peter. He grew up in West Auckland and was destined to become the King of Geeks (No really, ask anyone).

He started out on the internet as a teen in 1995, pretty much before most of the world had even heard of it, and soon taught himself to code. He probably spent too many hours on those early message boards, but otherwise managed to score himself some amazing results at school and then nailed himself entry to New Zealand’s premier Communications Bachelors at AUT.

After uni there was a spell in radio and a heap of NZ web development, but he was itching for an OE.

He then managed to get an amazing job in London working in marketing for a major US charity, and before too long was promoted to Director of Online Communications. He was being flown round the world on the speaker circuit, giving talks on web marketing and communications. All pretty amazing for a Kiwi in his 20s.

In 2012 Peter made the decision to set up as a freelance web marketing expert in the UK. He absolutely loved being his own boss and really made a name for himself. In 2017 he won the prestigious PPH award for “Web Master of the Year”. His biggest seller in the UK has been his “optimise the hell of your wordpress SEO” product, which has received over 2500 five star reviews (for real, no exaggeration!)

But what about me?

Well, my background is in Behavioural Sciences and prior to working for Purple, I was in NHS Senior Management. Part of my role included promotions and marketing and i’ve been featured in major UK print media, promotional videos and branding campaigns, including facilitating visits to our services from a UK Prime Minister and high profile ministers within the Department 0f Health.

I joined Purple as a writer (while on maternity leave!) out of necessity more than anything. Peter just couldn’t find a talented writer who could fulfil his SEO targeting content for a project that had a super tight schedule. In desperation he asked me if I could put something together. The project was a huge success and our clients were really happy with my work so my role grew from there.

I studied Communication, Media and Psychology at college before Behavioural Sciences at graduate and post graduate level. So understanding behaviour is really at the forefront of everything I do.  I absolutely bring that to my marketing strategy. I’m also currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Marketing here in New Zealand, to help me offer a broader range of digital marketing and local knowledge to New Zealand businesses. Moving to New Zealand has been the best thing I’ve ever done and i’m excited to be taking on NZ clients.

Peter and I make a formidable team, but we also have a fabulous network of freelancers at our disposal both in NZ and in the UK to help us respond to whatever a project needs.

If you’d like to find out how we can help your business we’d love you to make contact;


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