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Designer vs Web Designer?

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Designer vs Web Designer? Purple Web Marketing

When you’re in the market for a new website, or a fresh look to your existing site, it can be tricky to narrow down what you actually need and what you should spend.

A lot of times, people assume that more is better. Higher cost = better returns, yadda yadda. People fall for the myth that paying through the nose for a bespoke, built from scratch website thrashed out between a designer and a web builder is best.

Purple, think that’s nonsense. And here’s why;

  • You can create an amazing bespoke-looking website from an existing format
  • Designer’s usually don’t understand the technicalities of how the web works, they choose style over function (and it’s often a disaster)
  • You can end up with a website that doesn’t function well, it’s slow, clunky, unintuitive, maybe even mobile site-ugly
  • Worst of all… it’s often a fail for SEO

SEO and web design

Here’s the thing… nothing is more important than getting people to actually visit your site. Who cares if your site is some fancy schmancy bespoke design, that took a designer 2 months, required endless meetings and minute detail decisions… IF NO ONE EVER SEES IT???!!!

Instead, we take a different approach;

  • At Purple, we start with SEO as the foundation of your website. Getting you as high as possible for your keyword targets and getting traffic to the site is priority No1.
  • Next we look at the functionality and useability of the site. Trust us on this one… if your site is slow to load and doesn’t operate intuitively, people will just navigate off your site and go elsewhere. We have tested this time and time again. Make your site super easy to use and your conversion rates will be higher. Dems the facts.
  • We like wordpress. We couldn’t give two hoots about bespoke design snobbery. We can make you a stunning website based on wordpress. It will look amaze. BUT it will rank well for SEO and search engine marketing. Why? Well, we’ve tried every style and format of content management system, and wordpress just works best for google. There’s no point trying to fight it. Google makes the world go round. Sorry. Not sorry.
  • When you let Purple create you an SEO targeted wordpress site, it will cost you MUCH LESS and work better for you. Simples.

We just created our own New Zealand website. It looks great. It works great. And we’re not embarrassed to admit it’s a wordpress based website. Check it out;



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