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Why choose a Digital Marketing company?

Digital Marketing has eclipsed traditional marketing techniques, yet so many businesses are behind the curve. Even those who have a web marketing strategy often fail to keep pace with a digital landscape that is continually evolving and adapting.

Modern marketing strategies should be a results driven, targeted method of reaching customers and achieving success. Forget what you think you know, online marketing has changed everything. You need a team who understands this without a bunch of jazzy buzz words and sales speak. Most SEO companies have more sales people than SEO professionals, yet their actual understanding is pretty basic. We cut through all that bull, and just offer you the good stuff.

Digital Marketing NZ Purple Web Marketing

Digital Marketing

Discover how we can optimise the hell out of your business.




Discover how search engine targeting strategy changes everything.



Web Design

Discover how an SEO targeted website can generate more income.



Website Maintenance

Discover the joys of professional updates and security.



Why choose Purple Web Marketing?

Digital Marketing NZ Purple Web Marketing

Purple have our finger on the pulse. That means whenever Google updates, we update, when your market changes, we adapt.  But we don’t ask you to take our word on that — we deliver reports and updates to each customer, offering data and statistics to show the success we are achieving for you. We let our results speak for themselves.

With over 20 years experience, and over 2500 individual 5 star feedbacks, few companies offer the comprehensive service and experience we do. And our productivity is through the roof, no endless meetings, no frustrating back and forth, we know how busy you are, so our products are designed to avoid downtime.

We offer a range of products to suit your goals and budget with upfront pricing. No upselling.

From our basic SEO overhaul to our comprehensive all_bells_and_whistles web marketing package, you decide how involved you want us to be.

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Our Digital Marketing is different

Everything we do has an understanding of google algorithm and user experience at its core. We understand how your potential customers use the internet and our strategy is based on amping up your web traffic, increasing time on page, conversion rate and how that translates into revenue. Frankly, it doesn’t matter how pretty your website is, if nobody ever sees it.

We will drive your website forward with the best Search Engine Optimisation. Our work is research and data based, so there is no debate about what works and what doesn’t. Even our web design has useability, speed and search engine indexing at its foundation, right in the basic code.

The Purple team can help your business grow and thrive.

Digital Marketing NZ Purple Web Marketing

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Digital marketing kicks ass

Purple’s experience and skills will increase your visitors and improve your conversion rate.
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